Santa Clara River Floodplain Restoration

Santa Clara River Floodplain Restoration

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Project Goal:

Restoration of floodplain processes by focusing on the removal of non-native, invasive plants and revegetation with native species to reestablish critical habitat for sensitive species and riparian dependent organisms.

~30 acres of Santa Clara River floodplain/riparian restored

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Project Stages

100% Planning, Design, and Permitting



Estimated Completion Date:
On-going, long term management


Project Funders

Department of Water Resources -Integrated Water Resource Management

USFWS – Santa Clara River Trustee Council

Fish Affected:


Project Description

The project will restore approximately 30 acres of riparian habitat in the Santa Clara River floodplain by removing Arundo, Tamarisk, and other non-native plant species using a combination of heavy equipment, hand operated power tools, hand tools, and selective application of herbicides using both mechanized and hand methods to ensure successful eradication. Passive and active revegetation of native species will support the removal efforts in the cleared areas and regrowth of native plant communities. The project will be monitored and managed post removal to assure that native plant communities are restored and advance the understanding of floodplain restoration techniques. This effort is part of a lower watershed wide plan to control invasive species and restore floodplain processes in the Santa Clara River between Sespe Creek and Santa Paula Creek.

Project Partners:

Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition
Santa Clara River Conservacy
Stillwater Sciences
The Nature Conservacy
Friends of the Santa Clara River
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Ventura County
Santa Clara River Trustee Council
National Resource Conservation District Sustainable Conservation Service
Ventura County Watershed Protection District
Cal State Channel Islands
UC Santa Barbara

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