Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to remove non-native species that are detrimental to native trout survival in San Mateo Creek, in federally designated critical habitat for endangered Southern California steelhead.

reduction in non-native aquatic species in main stem of San Mateo Creek

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Project Description

One of the main threats to steelhead recovery is the presence of non-native aquatic species that out-compete native species for limiting resources in the river, and prey on eggs and juvenile stages of native species. San Mateo Creek is inundated with non-native aquatic species including bass, crayfish, bluegill, bull frogs, black bullheads, green sunfish, and carp. Removal of non-natives, as well as public education and community interaction to identify sources of non-native introduction, will benefit trout and other sensitive species habitat enhancement efforts throughout these watersheds. 

Project Partners:

CDFW (in-stream removal), International Federation of Fly Fishers and Golden State Fly casters (equipment), San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (E-DNA testing)

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