San Mateo Creek Non-Native Removal

San Mateo Creek Non-Native Removal

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Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to remove non-native species that are detrimental to native trout survival in San Mateo Creek, in federally designated critical habitat for endangered Southern California steelhead.

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Project Description

One of the main threats to steelhead recovery is the presence of non-native aquatic species that out-compete native species for limiting resources in the river, and prey on eggs and juvenile stages of native species. San Mateo Creek is inundated with non-native aquatic species including bass, crayfish, bluegill, bull frogs, black bullheads, green sunfish, and carp. The Regional Water Quality Control Board is performing eDNA studies to identify invasive species and locations. CalTrout will pursue public outreach to control source populations upstream to enhance habitat throughout the lower watershed.

Project Partners:

CDFW (in-stream removal), International Federation of Fly Fishers and Golden State Fly casters (equipment), San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (E-DNA testing)

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