Rose Valley Creek Stream Restoration Project

Rose Valley Creek Stream Restoration Project

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Project Goal:

To develop an alternative analysis for the restoration of Southern California steelhead in the Rose Valley Lakes System and Sespe Creek Watershed.

removal of three fish passage barriers

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Project Stages


Conceptual Design



Estimated Completion Date:
August 2020


Project Funders



Fish Affected:

Project Description

The Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition (SCRSC), led by CalTrout, is conducting a restoration project in Rose Valley Lakes, a prime spring-fed tributary to Sespe Creek which hosts the most diverse steelhead habitat in all the Santa Clara River watershed. This project supports the recovery of the federally-listed endangered Southern steelhead in the watershed and increases native species resiliency to future disturbances, such as fire, drought, and threats or disturbance from aquatic invasive species. Recently, invasive species have out-compete native steelhead for habitat and food. The purpose of the project is to conduct an alternatives analysis and a feasibility study to develop three alternatives based on the following objectives: removal of non-native invasive species, improved fish passage, and restoration of natural stream processes and riparian habitat in the Rose Valley Lakes System and Sespe Creek watershed. This work will be in an effort to support federally endangered Southern California steelhead (Onchorhynchus mykiss) recovery and increase their resiliency to future fire, drought, and threats from aquatic invasive species.

Project Partners:

National Marine Fisheries Service
Los Padres National Forest
Friends of the Santa Clara River
Keep Sespe Wild
Stillwater Sciences
State Coastal Conservancy
California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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