Owens River Protection

Owens River Protection

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Project Goal:

Restore the ecological health of the Upper Owens watershed and improve local angling opportunities in Mammoth and Hot Creeks and the Owens River.

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Project Description

In 2013, CalTrout helped negotiate the Mono Basin Settlement, ending decades of lawsuits over how much water could be diverted from four key Mono Lake tributaries to serve Los Angeles water users.

In 2021, LADWP released their Mitigated Negative Declaration document to meet the CEQA requirement for the Settlement Agreement Project, which was approved by the State Water Resources Board, and LADWP Board of Commissioners. The settlement terms are now ready to be implemented, and the monitoring program established for the long-term health of the Mono Basin tributaries and Mono Lake.

Today, we are continuing to ensure full implementation of the settlement to protect the Upper Owens River headwaters and Mono Basin fisheries. Actions include upgrading Grant Dam, delivery of environmental flows, and an extensive monitoring program. We are also working to fully implement the Mammoth Creek Settlement to manage flows and water allocation to address California’s complex water challenges.

Project Partners:

Settlement Parties:
LA Dept of Water and Power
Conservation Parties:
Mono Lake Committee
California Dept of Fish and Wildlife

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