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Bay Area Outreach and Education

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Project Goal:

Increase outreach overall to youth, members, fly clubs, and others about our efforts in the Bay Area and statewide.

# of venues visited to speak, number of children reached, field trips, etc.

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Project Funders

Joey Chait Youth Initiative

EACH Foundation

Crocker Foundation

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Project Description

With the launch of our new region, we have leveraged existing and created new partnerships to conduct outreach about the benefits of healthy watersheds and the condition of native salmonids. We are educating students, partners, fly clubs, and donors about steelhead and CalTrout’s approaches to conservation through local demonstration projects and partnerships. Our California Academy of Sciences partnership has resulted in the creation of a steelhead exhibit, and is educating their middle school Teen Advocates for Science participants about the salmon life-cycle, entomology, and fly casting. Working with the Walker Creek Ranch Outreach and Education program we are training naturalists in stream ecology to engage students, and providing equipment and resources. Our partnership with Bay Area Youth Fly Fishers is educating and inspiring our next generation of angler conservationists.

Project Partners:

Walker Creek Ranch
Bay Area Youth Fly Fishers and clubs
Peninsula Fly Fishers

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