Floodplain Salmon Habitat Credit Development

Floodplain Salmon Habitat Credit Development

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Project Goal:

Develop on-farm water management practices that benefit native fish species and the aquatic ecosystems on which they depend for use in agriculture conservation incentive programs.

Improved management practices on working lands.

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Project Funders

California Rice Commission 

Water Foundation

Fish Affected:

Project Description

We will develop and define multiple practice standards using our scientific understanding of floodplain food web productivity, fish habitat needs, water management and agricultural practices for use in NRC's EQIP and other payment incentive programs. Currently, we are working with the California Rice Commission to advise and support additional field research required to develop a practice standard on-field fish habitat within bypass levees. We are also leading an effort to leverage existing CalTrout Fish Food science to develop a practice standard for aquatic food web production outside bypass levees.

Project Partners:

California Rice Commission 

U.C. Davis Center for Watershed Sciences


Reclamation District 108

River Garden Farms

Knaggs Ranch

Davis Ranches 

Audubon California

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