Searsville Dam Fish Passage

Searsville Dam Fish Passage

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Project Goal:

Ensure passage for juvenile and adult steelhead in San Francisquito Creek beyond Searsville Dam.

Amount of habitat accessible once passage is restored.

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Project Stages

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Fish Affected:

Project Description

For over a century, Stanford’s antiquated Searsville Dam has impacted the local watershed and the greater San Francisco Bay estuary. The dam remains a barrier to steelhead migration on San Francisquito Creek, greatly reducing the amount of habitat that is accessible and placing this anchor steelhead population at greater risk of extinction and prohibiting its recovery. CalTrout is partnering with Stanford University, local citizens groups, and conservation partners to find a way to provide volitional fish passage and eventually restore habitat along San Franciscquito Creek with the removal of Searsville Dam.

Project Partners:

Stanford University
San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Midpeninsula Open Space Resource District

Latest Project Info:

DAMS OUT – Searsville Dam

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