Aquatic Species Assessment Tool (ASAT)

Aquatic Species Assessment Tool (ASAT)

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Project Goal:

The Aquatic Species Assessment Tool (ASAT) will provide an integrated quantitative framework for assessing the impact of management actions on salmonids and other sensitive species that depend on the estuary for their lifecycle.

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Wildlife Conservation Board

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Project Description

CalTrout is developing a new estuary assessment and management tool in order to understand and protect ecologically sensitive aquatic species such as endangered salmonids. The Aquatic Species Assessment Tool (ASAT) will use ecological inputs to predict the impact of management actions on aquatic species communities. Results from the tool can be used to predict response of aquatic species to changes in their environment in an integrated way. The goal is to enhance biodiversity in estuaries and build ecosystem resilience to protect them from the impacts of climate change and sea level rise in California.

Project Partners:

University of California, Berkeley
Technical Advisory Committee
ASAT end-users

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