Alameda Creek Fisheries Monitoring

Alameda Creek Fisheries Monitoring

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Project Goal:

Work with partners to fill key data gaps in monitoring Alameda Creek tributaries to inform future management and restoration to assist recovery of steelhead and Chinook salmon in the watershed.

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Project Stages

Relationship Building


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Project Funders

Alameda County Fish & Game Commission

Fish Affected:

Project Description

Alameda Creek historically supported Chinook salmon and steelhead runs. Recent habitat improvements by Alameda County Water District and others will open up the mainstem Alameda Creek to these fish in spring 2022, for the first time in decades. We are working with partners to assess habitat conditions and usage by steelhead to help inform future management and restoration projects, starting in Stonybrook Creek, a key spawning tributary.

Project Partners:

Alameda Creek Alliance


East Bay Regional Parks District

Alameda Creek Fisheries Work Group