Harvey Diversion Fish Passage

Harvey Diversion Fish Passage

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Project Goal:

Restore passive fish passage at this location and stabilize sediment transport through this reach.

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Project Stages

35% Planning and Design

100% Planning, Design, and Permitting



Estimated Completion Date:


Project Funders

USFWS – Santa Clara Trustee Council


Coastal Conservancy

Fish Affected:


Project Description

Harvey Diversion is a total barrier to the migration of endangered Southern California steelhead. The diversion is located on Santa Paula Creek, a tributary of the Santa Clara River, and is need of immediate remediation. This project will reconnect high-quality spawning, rearing and forging habitat for all development stages of the steelhead lifecycle. In 2019, this project received $1.1 million from CDFW under the Prop 1 and Prop 68 funding bonds to complete the final design phase, develop and secure all permits. This will set the stage for the construction project to successful remediate a federally and state identified fish passage barrier through cooperative community effort and persistence.

Project Partners:

Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition
Stillwater Sciences
CA Department of Fish & Wildlife
Oil Spill Prevention and Response
US Fish & Wildlife Service
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Santa Clara River Trustee Council
The Coastal Conservancy