Harvey Diversion Fish Passage

Harvey Diversion Fish Passage

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Project Goal:

The goal of the project is restore passive fish passage at this location and stabilize sediment transport through this reach.

Removal of an identified fish passage barrier and reconnect approx. 12 miles of high quality Steelhead habitat

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Project Stages

35% Planning and Design

100% Planning, Design, and Permitting



Estimated Completion Date:


Project Funders

USFWS – Santa Clara Trustee Council


Coastal Conservancy

Fish Affected:


Project Description

Harvey Diversion is a total barrier to the migration of endangered Southern California steelhead. The diversion is located on Santa Paula Creek, a tributary of the Santa Clara River, and is need of immediate remediation. This project will reconnect high-quality spawning, rearing and forging habitat for all development stages of the steelhead lifecycle. In 2019, this project received $1.1 million from CDFW under the Prop 1 and Prop 68 funding bonds to complete the final design phase, develop and secure all permits. This will set the stage for the construction project to successful remediate a federally and state identified fish passage barrier through cooperative community effort and persistence.

Project Partners:

Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition
Stillwater Sciences
CA Department of Fish & Wildlife
Oil Spill Prevention and Response
US Fish & Wildlife Service
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Santa Clara River Trustee Council
The Coastal Conservancy

Latest Project Info:

CalTrout Awarded $1.8M to Pursue Reconnect Habitat and Restore Estuaries Projects

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