Securing South Bay Stream Flows for Steelhead

Securing South Bay Stream Flows for Steelhead

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Project Goal:

Ensure adequate streamflows are returned to key South Bay streams and necessary habitat improvements are completed as expeditiously as possible through a long-standing settlement agreement.

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Project Stages

Relationship Building


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Fish Affected:

Project Description

In the South Bay, CalTrout is actively engaged with partners in the Fisheries and Habitat Collaborative Effort (FAHCE) to ensure that stream flows and habitat are adequate to protect and restore steelhead year-round Stevens Creek and the Guadalupe River. With recent release of a draft environmental impact report (EIR), we are focused on implementing release of sufficient streamflows from reservoirs that ensure steelhead are afforded adequate passage opportunities at key times of the year to complete their life cycles. 

We are currently leading negotiation and implementation of the settlement agreement and adaptive management that will see necessary habitat improvements and streamflows enacted on Stevens Creek and the Guadalupe River beginning in 2022.

Project Partners:

Santa Clara Valley Water District
Guadalupe-Coyote RCD
Water & Power Law Group
Northern California Council of Fly Fishers International
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermens Associations
South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition
NOAA Fisheries

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