Project Goal:

CalTrout is convening a broad, collaborative team of agency partners to restore a 950-acre tidal marsh estuary surrounding Cannibal Island, adjacent to the mouth of the Eel River. The design will transform the Study Area from a monotypic landscape of diked/drained salt marsh to a mosaic of pasture and natural habitats, including estuarine and tidal slough channels and access for aquatic dependent species. The project will assess climate change resiliency and adaptation approaches to guide an appropriate design that considers impacts and enhancements to prime agricultural land and critical estuary habitat.

Future: 500 acres tidal wetlands restored & 26,400 ft of tidal channels

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Project Stages


Relationship Building

Conceptual Design

Permitting Phase


Post Monitoring

Estimated Completion Date:


Project Funders

CDFW Prop 1 & Prop 68 – Watershed Restoration Grant Program

Fish Affected:

Project Description

Project Partners:

Private Landowners
Roscoe and Associates
Graham Matthews and Associates

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